October 20, 2021

Foods to Avoid During Cancer Treatment

Connections between food and cancer:

It is challenging to find specific links between a food or nutrient and cancer because:

ü  Foods contain many substances that may either increase or lower cancer risk.

ü  Most people eat and drink a variety of foods. This creates interactions that are hard to study

ü  The effects of a food or nutrient can vary depending on how much of it you eat

ü  Some research shows that how a food is prepared may influence its risk or benefits.

If your treatment has started and it has caused side effects like vomiting sensation, vomitings,taste changes and ulcers in mouth, you might already have made a list of what food items to eat and what not! If you haven't made then I am sure ,over enthusiastic family member might have already made one list for you.


There is only one rule to follow regarding food items during cancer treatment, Do not eat uncooked/raw/street foods. The reason being exposure to food borne illnesses. Cancer patients are immuno-compromised and these illnesses will further drain their energy.


Properly cooked foods will destroy the bacteria,so eat freshly prepared food. Do not eat stored food.


Indians have habit of eating masala foods. During cancer treatment try to avoid spicy/masala foods. That does not mean you should stop eating,eat less spicy/masala food items.

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People with cancer might have lost the will to eat, they often say they are not hungry. If we impose restrictions on food items they may stop eating altogether. So be cautious when you cut down food items. 


Encourage them to eat anything of their choice. Make a habit of dividing the meals into small quantities. Give something to eat repeatedly. Encourage more fluid intake. Be patient and support them.


Diet charts given by any dietician are to be used as a guide on what to be taken,how much to be taken. That does not mean that the items given in diet chart are to be strictly followed. It's just for an idea. Dieticians never restrict any food items. Remember that always.


Talk with us or another member of your health care team about how long you should take food precautions and when you can return to eating certain foods again

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